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Physiotherapy Edmonton St Albert

“Could not be more pleased with the level of service I was provided. Priya and her team are extremely knowledgeable and helped me rehabilitate my injury. I highly recommend Excel!”

Physiotherapy Clinic in St. Albert and Edmonton

Welcome to Excel Physiotherapy

Excel Physiotherapy is a physio clinic in St. Albert that serves patients in the North Edmonton area, including Villeneuve, Volmer and Namao. We specialize in pelvic floor physiotherapy, motor vehicle accident treatments, work-related injuries (WCB Claims), sports and running injuries, as well as alleviating your chronic and acute pain.

Injuries and pain affect your functional abilities. We are committed to providing patient-centred care with an integrated approach to physiotherapy to help you feel amazing. Most of our patients recover in fewer treatments. We’re proud to offer:

Physiotherapy Team in St. Albert

Experienced and Compassionate Team
Physiotherapy Edmonton St Albert

Physical Therapist / Physiotherapist

Muniswamy Munieaswara Moorthy, PT, BPT, MPT, CAFCI

Moorthy has always been passionate about serving people and advocating for a healthy lifestyle in his community. He founded Excel Physiotherapy in 2016 to help people in St. Albert and Edmonton live healthier and happier lives.

He believes that a pain-free, active lifestyle contributes the most for a better quality of life. He also believes in patient-centred care where the patient leads the process of recovery. His focus is on treating your injury or condition, while also teaching you self-care strategies to cure and prevent the condition in the future. This allows you to heal faster and minimize your visits for treatments.

  • Over 17 years of clinical practice
  • Incorporates acupuncture needles in practice
  • Certified in Medical Acupuncture
  • Certified in Biomedical Dry Needling
  • Certified in Functional Movement Screening (FMS)
  • Certified in Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA)
  • Certified in McKenzie Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy
  • Certified Running Specialist
  • Certified Kinesiotape Clinician
  • Certified in Graded Motor Imagery for Chronic Pain Management
  • Trained in Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy
  • Speaks English, Tamil, and Malayalam
Physiotherapy Edmonton St Albert

Physical Therapist / Physiotherapist

Mohana Priya Thayalan, PT, BPT, MPT, CAFCI

Priya was inspired to become a physiotherapist when she saw her mother recover from severe lower back pain after a few sessions with a physio. She pursued her passion and founded Excel Physiotherapy in 2016 to treat patients in St. Albert and Edmonton.

Priya believes that the first and greatest wealth is health. She tailors each treatment to her patients, providing one-on-one care to ensure the best patient experience. She’s always learning and developing her skills with the latest research and physiotherapy concepts to provide the best quality of care to her patients.

  • Over 14 years of clinical practice
  • Incorporates acupuncture needles in practice
  • Certified in Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy
  • Certified in Women’s Health Physiotherapy
  • Certified in Taping for Women’s Health
  • Certified in Medical Acupuncture
  • Trained in Mulligan Techniques
  • Speaks English and Tamil

Physiotherapy Treatment in Edmonton and St. Albert

Our Integrated Approach to Help You Excel in Life

We work closely with each patient, tailoring a program to your needs with patient-centred care. Our integrated approach combines physiotherapy, biomedical dry needling, anatomical acupuncture, ultrasound therapy and interferential (electro) therapy to ensure you get the best health outcome.

We are committed to providing physiotherapy services to our community that are effective and affordable, with friendly and transparent communication during your treatments. We will help you recover from your pain and injuries so you can excel in life.

Some of the most common techniques we use include:

Acupuncture is a therapeutic modality that uses needles, laser or an electric current to stimulate acupuncture points in your body. These treatments address imbalances that arise from physical and emotional stress, poor nutrition, infection or injury. Acupuncture works by reducing inflammation, improving circulation, decreasing pain, releasing endorphins, increasing tissue healing, and balancing hormones.

Intramuscular stimulation (IMS) is a technique that our physiotherapists use to release or lengthen muscles that may be causing chronic musculoskeletal or neuropathic pain. Very fine needles (the same ones used in acupuncture) are inserted directly into the affected muscle, in order to stimulate healing. This is also often referred to, or known as, “dry needling.”

Gunn IMS is a total system for the diagnosis and treatment of persistent myofascial pain syndromes, including muscle, joint, tendon, bursal, fascial, neural and biomechanical problems. The approach, using intramuscular dry needling, is based on a neuropathic model of musculoskeletal dysfunction developed by Dr. C. Chan Gunn.

Interferential therapy uses electrical current to reduce swelling, relieve pain and stimulate muscles. Interferential applies two different frequencies that interfere with one another to produce a medium frequency current within the tissues. Interferential is commonly used for pain relief, to promote tissue healing, relieve muscle spasm and stimulate deeply situated muscles such as the pelvic floor muscles.

Traction is a manual technique designed to reduce pressure on affected vertebral discs that are causing pain. Traction is a manual ‘stretching’ of the spine which reduces pressure on the discs and therefore reduces the patient’s pain. When your spine’s disc is under pressure and damaged, the tough outer layer is damaged and the soft inside protrudes through the gap, causing pain. Traction pulls the vertebra away from the disc, releasing the pressure on the disc. This decompresses the nerve and reduces pain.

The McKenzie Method is an overall program of assessment, treatment and prevention strategies, including exercise. The long-term goal of the McKenzie Method is to teach our patients suffering from neck pain and/or back pain how to treat themselves and manage their own pain using exercise and other strategies. We help empower your recovery.

The Mulligan Technique involves several different mobilising techniques to treat the spine. The technique also treats limbs affected by damage to the spine. The mobilising techniques include Natural Hypophyseal Glides (NAGs), Sustained Natural Hypophyseal Glides (SNAGs) and Mobilisations with Movement (MWMs). The aim of these mobilisations is to increase the pain free range of movement of the spine and affected limbs.

Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) is a method of pain relief involving the use of a mild electrical current. The electrical impulses can reduce the pain signals going to the spinal cord and brain, which may help relieve pain and relax muscles. They may also stimulate the production of endorphins, which are the body’s natural painkillers.

Ultrasound therapy is a treatment used by our physical therapists to relieve pain and to promote tissue healing. The two main types of ultrasound therapy are thermal and mechanical. The sound waves cause microscopic vibrations in deep tissue molecules, increasing heat and friction. The warming effect encourages healing in soft tissues by increasing metabolism at the cellular level.

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Physiotherapy in Edmonton and St. Albert

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I have seen amazing results after only one treatment.”
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