What do we do and what to expect?

What do we do?

Helping you move better

Our physiotherapists help you move better. “Move better and move often” is the key to pain free efficient movement, functioning and mobility.

Our physiotherapists are highly-educated professionals in physical function, movement and mobility. They have advanced knowledge of how the human body moves and what stops it moving. We use specialized hands-on assessment and treatment to restore, maintain and maximize optimal function and quality of life.

Our physiotherapists will

  • Assess, diagnose and treat physical symptoms like pain, stiffness and limited movement caused by posture, injury, aging, disability, or health condition.
  • Help patients understand what’s causing their condition.
  • Work with patients to restore, maintain and maximize movement, flexibility and physical independence.
  • Develop customized treatment plans that help patients take back control.
  • Teach patients how to restore, maintain and/or maximize movement, reduce pain, and manage any chronic symptoms.
  • Teach patients how to stay well, avoid future injury and achieve the best quality of life they can.

Our physiotherapists help patients who may have otherwise tried temporary (e.g., prescription drugs) or more invasive methods (e.g., surgery) to manage their condition. We use individualized therapeutic exercise, manual therapy and other treatment techniques.

​​Our physiotherapists excel in the treatment of many conditions including (but not limited to) postural issues, back pain/injury, neck pain, joint pain, sprain/strain, whiplash, pregnancy-related muscle/joint issues, urinary incontinence and vertigo to name a few. We also help patients manage symptoms of chronic conditions like arthritis and chronic pain.

What to Expect?

You may be asked to fill out paperwork and a medical history forms. You will be asked to sign a consent to direct bill your insurance company.

we do direct billing to most insurance companies in Alberta.

Your physiotherapist will then conduct a detailed assessment of your problem or condition. This takes about 30-45 minutes and normally involves detailed questions about your condition and medical history as well as a detailed physical examination.

Once the assessment is complete, your physiotherapist will explain what is causing the problem and discuss a physiotherapy treatment program.

You will then be asked to give consent to the treatment program. Before giving consent, make sure you fully understand the treatment plan. Ask if you need clarification. Your physiotherapist will explain the treatment plan in more detail.  

We encourage that the patient is involved and engaged in the recovery process, as success is often dependent on the patient’s commitment to the process.

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