What do we do and what to expect?

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What do we do? Our physiotherapists help you move better. “Move better and move often” is the key to pain free efficient movement, functioning and mobility. Our physiotherapists are highly-educated professionals in physical function, movement and mobility. They have advanced knowledge of how the human body moves and what stops it moving. We use specialized … Read More

Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy

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What is Pelvic floor? The pelvic floor is a group of muscles forming the base of our core that support organs such as the uterus, bladder and rectum. These muscles contract and relax optimally during our day to day activities like core activation, bowel movements, urination, and sexual intercourse Any imbalance in these muscles can … Read More

Whiplash Injury

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Whiplash/Motor Vehicle Injury What is Whiplash? Whiplash is the term to describe neck pain and injury after an accident. It’s actually the spraining of your neck’s soft tissues (ligaments, tendons, muscles, discs, and small joints) and can occur in car accidents, sporting activities and accidental falls. It is a relatively common injury that occurs to a … Read More